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We know the Spanish property market.

We provide legal advice to owners, investors, developers, construction companies and realtors.

We assist, as well, financial services and investment funds in the Spanish real estate market.

  • Residential
  • Offices
  • Commercial
  • Shopping Centers
  • Hotels
  • Development
  • Construction
  • Town planning
  • Industrial


Advice on the sale and lease back operation of 11,000 m2 office building in the center of Barcelona

Execution of a leasing option to purchase for the acquisition of a building with built-up 8,000m2 in the city centre of Barcelona with cancellation of the guarantees associated to its financing.

Due Diligence and wide-ranging advice for a French Investment Fund on design of the investment structure in Spain for the acquisition of assets related to the touristic sector.

Advice on the establishment in Spain of a German company of the retail sector and negotiation/drawing-up of the lease agreements in several malls (Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia).

Advice on the acquisition of real estate assets in several jurisdictions for a Spanish Family Office.

Advice on the urban reparcelling plan of a European industrial group in Spain.

Advice to a Latin American group on the purchase of a hotel in Spain.

Advice on the sale of a property for hotel/residence use in Costa del Sol.

Advice on the negotiation of a commercial area transfer (approx. 1000 m2) in Madrid.

Advice on the acquisition and financing of a building for residence/touristic use in the city centre of Barcelona.

Advice on the negotiation of lease agreements of commercial premises in several malls for a retailer of the textile/fashion sector.

Due Diligence of real estate assets in Ibiza for a Russian investor.

Advice on the acquisition of 7 industrial sites in Santander for a Spanish entity.

Advice to a French group on the hotel management under a kosher feeding regime in the South of Spain.

Legal assistance to a Spanish group on the installation of restaurants in Brazil.

Advice on the purchase of a hotel in Spain by a Latin American group.

Advice to a US group specialized in the organization of stays of students in Spain.

Analysis of the regulation of tourist flats in Barcelona and potential applicability in certain specific cases.

Express eviction against squatters.

Advice on resolution of leases after purchase of building in Barcelona.