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Our team of lawyers in the legal procedure area has ample experience of working to resolve our clients’ disputes.

We are experts in negotiation, mediation and arbitration, so that we always try to look for and obtain the best solution in the interests of our clients.

We represent our clients in court in several matters:

  • Commercial
  • Civil
  • Labour
  • Taxation
  • Contentious-Administrative
  • Intellectual Property

We advise and represent our clients in arbitration proceedings in national courts and international institutions, both in institutional arbitration and ad hoc arbitration, having dealt with arbitration proceedings before the CIADI, SCC, ICC, among others.

Our clients are industrial firms, financial entities, insurance companies, partners or shareholders of companies in situation of conflict with the company or other shareholders.


Our team of bankruptcy lawyers works to ensure that the ongoing needs of our clients in managing conflict situations in their businesses are met.

We have extensive experience in negotiating and managing the recovery of the companies we represent, both in and out of court.
In addition, our experience in legal procedure and negotiation allows us to work for clients who need to restructure their companies’ finances and who seek legal support to negotiate agreements aimed at the continuity of the company, either through negotiated agreements or bankruptcy legislation.

Our advice covers refinancing, restructuring, advice on the liability of administrative bodies, pre-bankruptcy and bankruptcy proceedings. We also advise potential investors on the purchase of assets subject to bankruptcy proceedings.

We have experience in cross-border proceedings where bankruptcies affect the subsidiaries or branches of bankrupt companies, and in the recognition of foreign judicial decisions.


  • Immediate request. Sending a claim letter as soon as the matter is received.
  • Effective out-of-court negotiation. At the same time, calls are made to contact the debtor and try to reach a negotiated agreement.
  • Information for assessing the case. The duration of the out-of-court negotiation phase can last as long as the client decides or based on the circumstances. In any case, we provide the information obtained in this phase to assess the suitability of taking legal action.
  • Judicial phase. Depending on the features of the case at hand, we offer the possibility of taking legal action. Once this phase has begun, an attempt is made to reach a negotiated agreement if this possibility exists.
  • Ongoing information. Periodically, the client will receive a detailed report on all the outsourced issues. There is also the possibility of connecting remotely via the website to independently access a specific issue and consult the schedule of the actions being carried out.


Challenge of corporate agreements and decisions of the Board of Directors.

Claims for payment for multinational companies and Small and Medium Sized Businesses and liability actions against directors.

Representation of technological companies before possible claims by consumers.

Representation of companies devoted to trading of electricity before claims for damages due to a power cut or disagreement with the supply measures made..

Representation of publishing companies and authors before possible complaints for damages to honour, image or privacy.

Representation of fashion and cosmetics companies in complaints for trademark infringement.

Recognition and execution of Judgments from foreign Courts.

Negotiations with the public administration.

Negotiations with Financial Institutions.

Negotiations on debt restructuring.

Portfolio of 10.000 claims representing major Spanish bank.

Insurance receipt claims for largest Spanish insurer.

Credit insurance claims.

Utilities litigation recovering gas tanks

Freight recovery for transportation and logistics group.

Advice on the review of life insurance policies (modality Unit Linked) to adapt them to the Spanish regulations.

Advice on the possible claims against regulatory changes in the energy sector.

Advice on traders in relation to disciplinary files of CNMC/Ministry of Industry.

Advice to a retailer of the fashion/sporting goods sectors on local consumption authorities claims for issues related to labeling, sales, returns, etc, etc.

Administrative contentious appeal against penalty of the CNMC.