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Paolo Ronco

Paolo Ronco


Paolo is responsible for the Italian Desk, from which consulting services are provided to Italian clients who want to invest in Spain both in the implementation phase as well as in the subsequent follow up of the activities performed by the companies advised. This activity includes the Spaniards interested in enter the Italian market through a network of Italian offices covering the entire Italian territory.
He has extensive experience in a variety of corporate transactions (company acquisitions, reorganization, real estate, but also insolvencies, and extrajudicial and judicial conflits resolutions), aditionally providing knlegde of the Italian and Spanish culture to the clientes.

Advice on the implementation and subsequent management of several companies of the Retail and Fashion sectors in Spain, negotiation and drafting of leases in several shopping centers.
Review and negotiation of agency, distribution and commission contracts for companies in the distribution sector.
Advice on the implementation in Spain and subsequent legal / tax / labor management of several companies in the pharmaceutical, industrial and mechanical sectors.
Constitution of holding companies to manage business or property of Italian and Latin American investors.
Advice on the purchase of industrial companies by Italian investors.
Advice Spanish companies in the implementation and subsequent management of companies and branches Italy.


  • Economia e comercio, Università di Torino, Italy.
  • COSVIM, Università Bocconi, Italy.
  • Curso de Planificacion Fiscal Internacional, Spain.
  • Especialización en Práctica societaria de la empresa, UOC, Spain.

Member of

  • Alumni Bocconi