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Since 1990 in Barcelona, since 1993 in Madrid.

The firm was founded in 1990 in Barcelona, we opened our Madrid office in 1993, operating since then as one law firm working indistinctly from our two offices.

In 1997 we set up a representative office in Buenos Aires, Argentina, following Spanish companies doing business in LatinAmerica, later in 2004 we moved the rep office to Miami.

Main areas


We are organized in 3 large professional groups, allowing us to train and develop our Lawyers in the most competitive way.


We are lawyers for business people doing business.

A transaction requires a combination of different areas of practice.

It is essential to have multidisciplinary legal teams.


Conflicts are part of business, we try to solve them.

A dispute needs experts in Negotiation, Mediation, Litigation and Arbitration.

We always try to reach the best solution.


We work from Barcelona and Madrid, and around the world.

Representing international clients doing business in Spain.

Representing Spanish companies doing business abroad.


Our Firm advises clients in a close and responsive manner, finding solutions to their legal and business matters.


Our permanent goal is to be a leading firm, aiming for the excellence of our legal team and the quality of our customer service.



  • With the value and goals of the Firm.
  • With the service and the well performed work.


  • Professional, honest and reliable conduct.
  • Demonstrate at all times a high level of acknowledged ethical values.
  • Always place the interests of the client before our own.


  • The basic asset to archive with the client.
  • To be maintained for professional responsibility and source of our professional relationship.


  • We consider teamwork as a model of professional enrichment, in benefit of the work excellence.
  • The virtue of cohesion improves efficiency and professionalism.


  • We are Lawyers.
  • Excellence in the work performed.

Business vision

  • We are a Professional Legal Services Firm.
  • We publicly participate in the prestige of the profession.
  • We do not forget our social commitment.

Pro bono

Annually, the firm provides legal assistance to cases of individuals or non-profit institutions that need to be attended.

Our lawyers collaborate with these institutions contributing our knowledge in the organization, implementation or legal defense of social activities of its members, voluntarily.


We do not belong to any legal network as we invest every year attending international legal conferences where we contact with lawyers from around the world. Our policy is to be open to serve our clients offering the best lawyer at any time depending on their needs, instead of being part of exclusive networks.
Naturally, we have best friends firms in many jurisdictions due to our international business activity.