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Representing foreing investors doing business in Spain and Spanish companies doing business abroad.
  • Foreing investments
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Disputes
  • Employment
  • Tax
  • Intellectual Property
  • Real Estate

France is a key investor in Spain, and we represent a great number of French investors in Spain, which turned the necessity to attend our clients in the best way possible creating the French Desk into an obligation.

The French Desk managed by Cristina Pardo, provides the required advising giving support to said clients in any specialized area of Spanish law.

Furthermore, we also lend advice to those Spanish clients who whish to invest in France or in any other French speaking market.

Our lawyers have an ample knowledge regarding the firms that operates on the different French speaking markets, allowing us to enter collaboration agreements specialized in various areas of law with other law firms.

Our firm's commitment to internationalization and the constant presence of our lawyers in international congresses have made us present on the majority of French speaking markets and forums.

  • Due Diligence and comprehensive advice for the French Investment Fund on design of the investment structure in Spain for the acquisition of assets related to the tourist sector.
  • Negotiation and advice of an agreement of contribution in a pension scheme for a Company in the pharmaceutical sector.
  • Advice on the establishment in Spain and subsequent legal/tax/labour management of companies in the retail and touristic sectors.
  • Advice to several Spanish companies in the incorporation and management of companies and branches in France.
  • Negotiation and advice to individuals and French companies on the rental and sale of real estate assets in Spain.

Germany is a key investor in Spain and a great client for the Spanish tourist market. This has prompted us to create a “German Desk”, to better serve our clients from Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and allows us, among other things, to identify and explain the similarities and differences between both the legal systems and the cultures.

Also, we give advice to those Spanish clients who have interest in or wish to invest in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, directly and through local law firms with whom we cooperate.

The German Desk is coordinated by Christian Lamm.


  • Advice on the establishment in Spain of a subsidiary leader in the lifestyle sector and opening of several branches in different cities
  • Assignment of rights and trading activity of commercial representative to a toy manufacturer
  • Advice and due diligence on the acquisition of a Spanish company in the thermal treatments sector
  • Advice and due diligence on the acquisition of a Spanish company in the tourism sector
  • Advice to a banking sector company on the assignment and discount of credits for transfers of footballers’ rights.
  • Advice and due diligence on the acquisition of a Spanish company in the software sector
  • Advice to a Spanish company on the sale of real estate assets in Germany
  • Negotiation of the termination of a sales rights agreement in Spain in the publishing sector

The Italian Desk advises with its experiences and knowledge on the different legal or tax problems to Italian and Swiss clients (The Canton of Ticino) in their businesses in Spain and Latin-American offering the services in the same language. We are linked to legal and tax firms in the principal areas of Italy and the Canton of Ticino to offer advice also to such Spanish companies wishing to work with Italy.

The Italian Desk offers advice for the establishment in the country (incorporation of companies/branches, permanent establishments), corporate restructuring operations, sale and purchase of companies (Due Diligence and subsequent financing), real estate agencies, litigation and international transactions either in Italy, Spain and/or Latin-America.

Knowledge of the language and the Italian and Spanish socio-cultural habits are an added value for the service to the client additionally to our international experience.

The Italian Desk is coordinated by Paolo Ronco, an Italian consultant with years of residence in Spain, but who is constantly travelling to both countries.


  • Advice on the establishment in Spain and subsequent management of several companies of the retail and fashion sector. Negotiation and drawing-up of lease agreements in several shopping malls (Barcelona, Madrid)
  • Review and negotiation of agency, distribution and commission agreements for a company leader in the glasses distribution sector in Spain.
  • Advice on the establishment in Spain and subsequent legal/tax/labour management of several companies of the pharmaceutical, industrial and mechanical sector.
  • Due Diligence for the purchase of a company in the industrial sector to a foreign investment fund.
  • Advice to a multinational of the chemical sector in one of the most important bankruptcy proceedings in Spain.
  • Advice to a Spanish group leader in the transport of goods for the incorporation of a company in Italy.
  • Advice to Spanish companies in the incorporation and management of companies and branches in Italy.
  • Incorporation of ETVE for the management of companies or properties of Italian and Latin-American investors.

The Anglo-Saxons markets are part of our every day since our beginnings.

Being regularly present in London, as well as in the U.S., we give advice on Spanish Law to investors interested in the Spanish market, and we also advise Spanish Companies in their crossborder commercial and financing strategy in the international markets.

Bartolome & Briones is present in Latin America since 1997 when we opened our first representative office in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Later we opened our second representative office in Miami, Florida, to assist our clients in their bussinesses in the region, and establishing a great relation of knowledge, experience and exchange of lawyers with local law firms in the main Latin America jurisdictions.

Bartolome & Briones, S.L.P has been consolidating its special relationship with law firms in the continent so that it is absolutely prepared to advice customers doing business in Latin America, quickly and efficiently. The services provided by Bartolome & Briones distinguish our personal presence in the region, accompanying the client, either in different issues faced by local authorities, or in case of special negotiations and contracts´ instruments requiring legal advice.

Nevertheless, the particular situation of Spain brings an increasing number of clients from Latin America investing in the interesting Spanish market and, through it, into the European Union.