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Newsletter December 2019

Insolvency, Employment
  • Mass redundancies vs. alternative measures for business reorganization and flexibility.
  • Course of action when a client files bankruptcy.
  • Salary record obligation: an anti gender-based discrimination measure.
Legal newsletter

Newsletter November 2019

Commercial, Tax,
  • Convention for the avoidance of Double Taxation between Spain and the USA.
  • Smart contracts.
  • Incentive Plans for Startups.
Legal newsletter

Transactions September 2019

Energy, Employment
  • The renewable energy boom and the “saturation” of the electricity network.
  • Combination of the obligation for recording of the working day and protecting the personal data of employees.


Legal compliance

On June 29th, 2019, Juan Carlos Lombardía, Partner of the firm, after successfully passing the Spanish Compliance Association exam, has obtained the CESCOM® Compliance Certification and the IFCA Internationally Certified Compliance Professional Accreditation.

Legal newsletter

Disputes May 2019

  • Law regulating real estate credit contracts
  • The purchase of a production unit in insolvency proceedings
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