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We add value to transactions.

We are broadly experienced in participating and assisting in the development of complex corporate deals and we make the best of our efforts to bring added value to our clients in the strategic design of their transactions.

We coordinate our different areas to fulfill the legal needs required.

Our experience include:

  • Investment Funds
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Joint Ventures
  • Private Equity
  • Restructuring
  • Venture Capital

Our M&A team provides a wide-ranging advise to facilitate decision-taking easier.

We work in transactions in all sectors we coordinate Due Diligence legal works and the legal definition of all kind of deals with law firms of other jurisdictions, and we go along with our clients in their investments in Europe and Latin America, assisting them to select the best advisors in each jurisdiction thanks to our international legal network.

We are highly-experienced in mergers and acquisitions, having been entrusted with some of the most relevant transactions in the energy sector, among others.

Furthermore, we have given advise our international clients in their complex financing transactions, structuring the security package of their Spanish subsidiaries and coordinating all necessary steps for their implementation

  • Real Estate mortgages.
  • Chattels mortgages and pledge without transfer of possession.
  • Stock pledges.
  • Receivables pledge.
  • Cash pledge.

We give advice to family businesses and we have intermediated in complex negotiations within family protocols. We are broadly experienced in the drawing-up and negotiation of shareholders’ agreements and side agreements. We have taken part in the drawing-up of internal conduct codes for our clients.


Franchise agreement for a software supplier for US hotels.

Credit assignment agreement between a Spanish company and a German bank.

Review and negotiation of agency, distribution and commission agreements for a leader company in the software distribution sector in Spain.

Drawing-up and review of sale/relocation services general conditions for a German company.

Review of terms of use of on-line games and adaptation to the Spanish law.

Drafting general terms and conditions for contracting with suppliers of products and services for industrial companies.

Drawing-up of forms of NDA/confidentiality agreements to be entered into with technical advisors/suppliers/clients.

Drawing-up of corporate documentation for a capital increase by non-monetary contributions in a Joint Stock Company.

Advice on a national Foundation for the execution of a services agreement with one of its trustees and coordination of the documentation before the Protectorate of Foundations.

Procedures for replacing one of the members of a UTE as a consequence of a company succession.

Drawing-up of a partners' agreement for a retail sector company regulating the incorporation of a new partner for the opening of new outlets. Capital increase and bylaws modification.

Drawing-up of a partners' agreement for a family business engaged in the real estate business.

Drawing-up of a collaboration agreement between a sports retailer and a leader national newspaper to develop an on-line sale platform of sporting goods on the newspaper web page.

Advice on the incorporation of an ETVE engaged in the stockholding of companies engaged in sporting activities.

Advice on termination of services agreements with a freelance in Spain for a German company.

Drawing-up of a standard distribution agreement for the sale of the products of a multinational in the Spanish territory and Latin America.

Advice on the acquisition of musical catalogues and a company of musical edition.

Assistance to client in the negotiation of maintenance contract for the entire telephone and data network.

Advice on various aspects related to the production of audiovisual content in Spain.

Valuation of claims arising from the contract for the sale of banking activity in Spain.